These terms and conditions are binding once the booking has been made. Upon reservation, a bill will be sent for the reservation fee (20% of the total) which must be paid by the due date. The reservation fee will be credited to the final bill. Reservations can be canceled without charge before the reservation fee due date. Final payment of the entire rental fee is due no later than four (4) weeks prior to the start of the lodging. For last minute bookings (less than four weeks before the start of lodging), all charges are collected at once. To reserve, the customer must be of legal age. Unaccompanied minors require the guardian’s written guarantee, which must be delivered to Tunturilomat before the start of the lodging. The key transfer will be agreed 2-3 days before start of the lodging with the owner of the cottage, usually by email. The cottage’s contact information and driving directions will be sent in connection with the final bill. The cottage may be used by at most the number of people indicated in the description as the number of sleeping places, or as has been agreed at time of booking.

Minimum booking periods are: 7 nights at Christmastime and Season 1. The resort is available for the customer’s use on the day of arrival at 16:00, until 12:00 on the day of departure. The rent includes free use of the cottage, bedding (mattresses, blankets, pillows), firewood, and basic dishes. Customers must provide their own linens and are responsible for the cleaning of the cottage area during the rental period and at the end, unless otherwise agreed. If cleaning is not performed, Tunturilomat has the right to charge a cleaning fee. Use of a hot tub is strictly prohibited on Tunturilomat’s property. Usage and cleaning fees will be collected for unauthorized use according to actual costs. Campers, caravans and tents may not be used for a night’s lodging on Tunturilomat’s property, without the owner’s permission. Pets must have a license, or it is otherwise agreed upon separately each time. Lighting campfires is permitted only in specifically identified locations, and the fire must never be left unattended. Pet accommodation in the cottage must be notified at time of booking. When cleaning has been ordered, it must be regarded to contain normal cleaning. Cleaning does not include, for example, thorough cleaning after a celebration. For example, beverage stains and other loose debris, and the courtyard, the tenant must always clean yourself. Among other things, the following should also take care to clean before departure: garbage are is in the trash cans, any linens are in the bags reserved for them, the dishwasher is turned on. All complaints regarding reservation or condition of the accommodations shall be directed immediately when observed to the owner. Complaints made after the fact will not be considered.


Cancellations must always be made in writing to Tunturilomat. Reservations can be canceled without charge before the reservation fee due date. If the cancellation is made at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the stay, the booking fee will be refunded. In this case, however, office expenses of EUR 20 will be deducted. The cancellation occurs 4-3 weeks before the start of the vacation, booking fee will be retained by Tunturilomat. Later cancellations will pay the full fee unless it is otherwise rented. If the cancellation is made because of serious illness, accident or death of the reserving client or close ones before the beginning of the stay, the rental fee will be returned. In this case, a doctor’s excuse for cancellation must be presented.


In the case of force majeure, Tunturilomat can cancel the reservation. In this case, all rent in full will be returned to the customer. Tunturilomat has the right to cancel the reservation if the reservation fee or final invoice has not been paid by the cancellation date. We reserve the right to make changes on this.

Tunturilomat is a marketing name which is used to market Tunturipöllö apartments.